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About @Vic_IV

63 years old • Male • retired

Hello, fellow travelers! It's great to be a TP member now and to share my humble travel experiences and knowledge here. Thanks a lot, dear Travellerspoint!
I must say I was lucky to be a Virtual Tourist member for 16 years. After that wonderful website had been ruthlessly closed down in February 2017, I became a member of TravBuddy for more than a year until that website suffered the same sad fate and was hastily closed down... Fellow travelers were a part of my life while communicating through those wonderful websites. Keep well, friends!
I used to be a school teacher of English and German in Luhansk and then in Severodonetsk. I also worked as a part-time translator at a number of factories and companies in Luhansk and even went on a couple of business trips abroad. In addition, I used to give private English lessons. In 2014, we had to leave Luhansk as internally displaced persons and found ourselves in Severodonetsk, a new center of Luhansk region. I ventured to apply for a nice job, and, as a result, I was hired at the local office of the International Committee of the Red Cross, where I gladly worked for seven years until I finally retired.
My wife and I were IDPs (internally displaced persons) in Severodonetsk, where we bought and equipped a new apartment using all our savings. We fell in love with our new home there. However, in March 2022, we had to leave our second home in the hospitable city of Severodonetsk and became displaced persons again. We are staying at our friends' apartment in Poland now.
There are cities I have visited several times and do not cease admiring them. Most of all, I have traveled about Ukraine having visited half of its regional centers and lots of smaller towns and cities. All in all, I have visited thirteen countries outside Ukraine, staying mostly in smaller towns and cities. Fingers crossed!

  • Hobbies:

    traveling, vexillology, photography, studying English and German

  • Favourite places:

    I always had so many impressions of my trips to different countries. We managed to visit so many beautiful places and numerous historic sites. Paying a visit to a new place in a European country is great. There are places I feel like revisiting to bring back some happy memories.

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Life is meant for good friends and great adventures.


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