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Severodonetsk, Luhansk region, Ukraine


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About @Vic_IV

60 years old • Male • Citizen of Ukraine • secretary

I was a Virtual Tourist member for 16 years. After that wonderful website had been closed down, I was a member of TravBuddy for more than a year.
The fellow travellers I had met on the Internet were a part of my life while communicating through those wonderful websites. I must say that I have been blessed to have each and every one of them in my life. Keep well, fellow travelers! Happy trails!
I have worked as a school teacher of English and German and also as a translator and an interpreter. My wife and I are IDPs (internally displaced persons) here in Severodonetsk, the new center of Luhansk region. We left Luhansk in late November 2014. I am an office employee now.
There are cities I have visited several times, and they attract me more and more. Most of all I have traveled about Ukraine having visited half of its regional centers and lots of smaller towns and cities. All in all, I have visited eleven countries outside Ukraine, visiting mostly smaller towns and cities.

  • Hobbies:

    traveling, vexillology, photography, studying English and German

  • Favourite places:

    I always had so many impressions of my trips to different countries. We managed to visit so many beautiful places and numerous historic sites. Paying a visit to a new place in a European country is great. There are places I feel like revisiting to bring back some happy memories.

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Hurt no man, help where you can.


European Bagpipe Festival

15 Oct 2018 - 20 Oct 2019 • 4,822 kms

Ukraine Germany

Chornobyl Exclusion Zone

10 Oct 2019 - 14 Oct 2019 • 1,426 kms


Vienna the Beautiful

13 Sep 2019 - 19 Sep 2019 • 3,383 kms

Ukraine Austria

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