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Do everything, try everything, taste everything and be everywere

  • Full Name: Elin Nordlander ( 33 / Female )
  • Lives In: Lycksele, Västerbottens län, Sweden
  • Citizenship: Sweden
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Occupation: Bus driver
  • About WickedMuffin:

    My name, Nordlander, means that I live in the north side of the country. I´m very outgoing and like to meet new people. Love to do extraordinary things that makes my mother wanna kill me. I curse at least once in every sentence. My dog Laban is the center of my life. I got 4 beautiful tarantulas, though I love insects and spiders. My dream is to take my pilot license... I´m working on it. People tends to call me evil. I´m in love with animals and nature. And I don´t care about materia and don´t feel the urge to brag about stuff. I want memories!

  • Hobbies:

    + Trying new stuff
    + Travel
    + Madness
    + Tattoos
    + Old cars
    + Walking my dog
    + Snowblades

  • Favourite places:

    Prague, Czech republic
    Mabul, Malaysia
    Everywere, France
    Venice, Italy
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    The coastline, Norway


Trip Stats

Australien (18966 kms)

09 Nov 2012 - 18 Jan 2013

Visiting: Sweden, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Australia.

Kalifornien (23834 kms)

28 Jun 2012 - 18 Jan 2013

Visiting: Sweden, USA and Russia.

Malaysia-The Philippines (28801 kms)

28 Dec 2011 - 07 Apr 2012

Visiting: Sweden, Netherlands, Malaysia and Philippines.

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