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Xixuau, Roraima, Brazil


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The Xixuaú Ecolodge was established in order to help the Amazon indigenous communities to improve the Sustainable Ecotourism in the Xixuau region, Brazilian Amazon forest.

The journey to Xixuaú is made by small groups, travelling by boat from Manaus, along the spectacular Rio Negro and then up the Rio Jauaperi. You will stay in the Xixuaú community itself, in wooden round houses inspired by traditional indigenous Malocas.

During your stay you can make night time and day time excursions by canoe, exploring the igapó and igarapé (flooded forest and labyrinthine creeks). You can trek in the forest, go fishing and camp overnight. In addition to the stunning range of vegetation, you can see birds (parrots, toucans, birds of prey and many others), the endangered giant river otter, grey and pink river dolphins, caiman, various kinds of monkey and may even see jaguars, anteaters, armadillos, agoutis and more. During the high water season (March to September) you can enjoy floating through the flooded forest in a canoe – a magical experience. When the waters fall, beautiful beaches are exposed with fine sand and crystal water.

Ecotourism at Xixuaú gives you a unique opportunity to get to know a region that is still pristine and largely unexplored, right in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Today the WWF and the Lonely Planet Guide recommend the Xixuaú as one of the best tourist destinations in the Amazônia and it is recognised by various tourism sites globally.


Xixuau Ecotourism

• 295 kms


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