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Hello,I’m Yasuyo from Japan.
I spent over 10 years at TravBuddy posting blogs,reviews and photos from my each travels. I’ve learned many things from my travel experiences and fellow travel buddies! I would like to share them at here also make a new stories post.

Life is a journey.
I'd love to visit all around the world. I like to meet new people. I like adventure.
I think there are nothing to stay at the same place all the time in universe. It'll be resistance to natural providence if I stopped at the same point. Things might be staying same place for long time like the pyramid. Time is past,and our mind also not the same as before. I'll see difference even to see the same pyramid.
We would meet someday because earth is round:)

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    My 2nd visit to Morocco,Sahara Desert(March,2018)
    Andalusia in Spain and Morocco (Sep-Oct,2017)
    Time travel to Laos (May,2016)
    Boracay island in Philippines (Nov,2015)
    Zakynthos and Santorini in Greece (Oct,2015)
    Banaue,Sagada in Philippines (March,2014)
    Salt Lake City,road trip to Glacier via Yellowstone N.P.(June,2013)
    Salt Lake City,road trip to Moab in Utah(Jan,2012)
    Salt Lake City,road trip to Arizona(Oct,2011)
    Paris,Tours in France(Oct,2009)


Warm heart of Utah

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