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We are limited only by our imagination

  • Lives In: Zagreb, Croatia
  • Citizenship: Croatia
  • Marital Status: Single
  • About anamarija:

    LIKES (and not limited to): astronomy, geology, history/archaeology, geography; travel, hiking, camping; photography, drawing/sketching, computer art; sci-fi, a couple of online fandoms (yes, there's an inner child in me ;); cats & turkish coffee.

    DOESN'T LIKE (and not limited to): smoking, alchocolism, religious fanatism; any kind of discrimination; politics, snow, fog, rain, ice; spiders, ants.

    As for my TRAVELLING habits:
    I mostly travel on business or for education, but my trips tend to be a little on a different side - field trips, conferences, field workshops, hiking trips, etc... I rarely have an opportunity to just "be a tourist", but I do try to see as much as I can of the place I visit even if I only have a day or two. I don't care much for modern, high-end all-inclusive don't-you-dare-leave-your-hotel tourist ammenities, but prefer do to what locals do, go where the locals go, and eat and drink what the locals eat and drink (some lines may be drawn, though ;)

    NOTE: the travel map here on TP shows only a handful of my travels; I haven't been to many different countries as I often travel many times to the same place.


    P.S. - Those of you who ask for HELP WITH TRAVEL PLANS and don't get a timely reply -- I apologise in advance; I'm away quite often and usually with no Internet access while on a trip. I really do want and like to help, but sometimes e-mails just pile up too high and some messages get overlooked.

  • Hobbies:

    Astronomy, archaeology/history, computer art/2D landscape rendering, writing (sci)fiction, photography, playing with cats ... geosciences, and many other things (for which I don't have enough time, unfortunately).

  • Favourite places:

    Vidova Gora and Supetar, Island of Brac
    Island of Rab
    Velebit Mt. (too many favorite spots to choose from)
    Medvednica Mt.
    Veli Vrh (peak & its surroundings), Island of Krk

    In ITALY:

    Skocjanske jame (cave system)

    In SWEDEN:
    Mola and the surroundings


Trip Stats

Jadran (647 kms)

Visiting: Croatia.

Dubrovnik (390 kms)

Visiting: Croatia.

Novi Sad (308 kms)

Visiting: Croatia and Serbia.

Travel Help


If you need insider's advice about Zagreb, Rab Island or Starigrad Paklenica/National park Paklenica area, especially from natural/geoheritage aspect, I can probably help you as I've spent a lot of time vacationing or working on Rab and in Starigrad, while I was born and live in Zagreb. As I'm also a graduate student of geography (and geology), I might be able to answer your more general questions about Croatia/its regions/cities.

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