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39 years old • Male • Citizen of Romania • many, including tourism

Love to travel, especially independently, and my travels usually take me to places where I have friends.

After a while of lying low, I now am back - love Romania just as much, but plan on traveling to other countries even more!

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    travel, sports, photography, pasta, music, driving, hiking, mountains

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    Jamaica, Apuseni Mountains (Romania), Yosemite, Venezia

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The benefits of the journey far outweigh the risk of leaving the harbor


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As a Romanian involved in the tourism into the country, I have a lot of information I am willing to share with people thinking of visiting the country. Yes, for free :) Romania's definitely worth a visit - and I recommend everyone interested, just ask. Advice is always free in Romania! (at least when it's about this humble advocate of the country :) )

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