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Male • Self-employed

Born and raised in Torino, Italy, which I still call home, I had the will and opportunity to live abroad and visit 50 countries.
After 14 years as an active member on Virtualtourist, which was closed at the end of Feb 2017, I landed on TP in hope to find a new home for my travel memories and information to be shared with others.
A summary of my philosophy is contained in this excerpt from my former VT profile page:
"Ours is a small world. So far, it's getting smaller everyday. Why shouldn't we explore it as much as we can, and learn more of its diversity and cultures? Keep traveling and respect the environment, everything and everyone you may find on your way. Be patient. Try to improve our beautiful planet and be happy to enjoy your experiences.
Wonders of nature, art masterpieces and living styles.
Animals, plants and rocks.
People, customs and food.
Science, technology and machines.
We have it all, and all is here for us.
Traveling is a state of mind. One doesn't have to go half around the globe to be a traveler. Peeking behind the corner can be a rewarding experience and a good start.
Travelers are those eager to discover, learn and understand the "outer" world. Many accomplish respect for differences, some would never have such pleasure."

All (or most) of VT tips have been imported and I can find them here:

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    - Mountaineering (Hiking, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Ski)
    - Cycling
    - History
    - Arts
    - Music
    - Traveling
    - Photography

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    Too many to mention!
    Here are some of my GPS tracks recorded in recent years:

"The Motherland is worth more than the Kingdom of Heaven" (Nepali motto)




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