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58 years old • Female • Travel Consultant

I love to travel and have been to a fair few destinations. India has always been a real favourite and so I have visited many times. I have always had a real pull towards Asia in general, but India I find endlessly fascinating. I have always worked as a means to an end to save for my next trip to somewhere, but now I work in travel - sorted! It has taken a while, but I now have a job I am happy to keep and a product I am happy to sell. I can just travel in shorter bursts which suits me fine as I am getting a bit more settled, now that I am a bit older than 40!!

  • Hobbies:

    Photography, creative stuff (art college drop-out)reading - travel writers and fictional stuff too, occasional jogging, cooking spicy food and mediterranean style dishes (vegetarian) travel.

  • Favourite places:

    Rajasthan, kerala, Nepal, Greek Islands, Turkey, Laos, Cambodia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Guatemala, Equador, Japan, London, Hove, Cornwall, Devon, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, the Peak District, Paris, Spain etc etc.

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I don't do mottos


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