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45 years old • Male • accident investigator

"Other music exists to heal wounds; but the tango when sung and played is for the purpose of opening them, for the purpose of sticking your finger in the wound and to tear them until they bleed."

tango fanatic, and linguist, too. I suffer from a fascination for/obsession with Argentina; seriously want to move to Buenos Aires one day.

People tell me I am rather curt in my contributions to the forums. This is only because I am generally busy, and because I myself prefer getting replies that are brief yet informative. Anyway, it's not because I think you're stupid or annoying, unless I tell you so.

  • Hobbies:

    Tango, politics, tango, reading, tango, opera, tango, wines & whiskeys, tango, tramping. And tango, of course.

  • Favourite places:

    Buenos Aires! Especially "el Sur" (the southern part of the city) as it is glorified in tango lyrics: Barracas, Boedo, Caballito, Congreso, Montserrat, and certain parts of San Nicolás; the corner of Puerredón and Santa Fe, Jardín botanico and Plaza Italia, Sin Rumbo and Niño Bien milongas, Zival's bookstore on Callao and Córdoba... and too many other spots to mention here.

Pero nada regresa al ayer, tenes que seguir


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30 Sep 1993 - 18 Dec 2008 • 1,461 kms

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I have lived in Amsterdam for the past 12 years, and could probably answer whatever practical question about the city that you come up with. Regarding the rest of the Netherlands, I'm knowledgeable on issues of transport, bureaucracy, history, culture, sightseeing and general itinerary planning. Don't bother asking me any party-related questions!

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On a number of trips in different seasons, I spent a total of almost 12 months travelling in Argentina. I'm knowledgeable on issues of transport, accommodation, hiking, studying, bureaucracy, culture and tango.

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Schengen visa. Member t_maia and myself are the members who answer by far the most questions about Schengen visa. I once had some basic legal training and a good knowledge of European burocracy, so there's a fair chance that I succeed in answering your question (no guarantees). ++If you have a visa question, first read the 'Schengen visa' article in the Travel Guide, and have a look at the stickied thread on top of the Europe forum!!++

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South America

I'm good with itineraries, if I may say so myself; if you're at a loss what to do when and in which order, I could try to help you structure things a bit. My knowledge is restricted to the southern cone and Andean states. I know very little of Brazil, the Guianas, Venezuela and Colombia.

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