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Dive into the deep end

  • Full Name: Duncan Cumming ( 55 / Male )
  • Lives In: Vancouver, Vanvouver, Canada
  • Citizenship: United Kingdom
  • About bestresort:

    It is amazing where life takes you, as I have been here now for 11 years, and I originally came here for a few months skiing! My family continues to reside in New Zealand where I visit as often as possible. We are of course BIG into sailing down there, and it's always a joy to get out on the water with my family in 'The City of Sails'.

    There are a few things in this life that we can truly be proud of, but I can think of one thing in particular I would like to share with you. I trained diligently in the art business, where I achieved the status of Master Framer/Restoration, and progressed into partnering with my tutor into one-of-a-kind art galleries around Auckland. We created quite a stir in the industry where we continued to break the rules as far as traditional marketing and promotion of the artists we 'stabled'.
    An exciting and creative business; however, it took a lot of hard work.

    The silliest or craziest thing that I've ever done? Sailing has been a passion in our family, as my father was a merchant seaman. You could say his offspring have salt water flowing in their veins. One of my earliest experiences of getting out on the water was on a tall ship, the square rigged Spirit of Adventure. Raining, pitch-black sky and 30 knot winds. I volunteered to unfurl the sails 50 feet above the decks! And being young and very afraid of heights I set off to conquer my challenge. I made it without incident, but the inside of my knees were black and blue from knocking together from sheer fright. With that out of the way, I continued to spend the next three days up in the crow's-nest, and encouraged others to join me. I try to take all challenges by the "horns," and dive into the deep end as often as possible.

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