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48 years old • Male

By profession, I'm an IT specialist. Been doing this for 12 years now.

I hate drama; I hate conflicts; I hate confrontations.

Hobby-wise : I love the outdoors. I love nature. A favorite past-time for me would include : a walk in the park; a hike in the woods; a long bike-ride to somewhere fun; or, a walk along the beach (if there is a beach nearby :=))

Most of all, though, I love travel. I've been to a lot of places (sometimes due to my work, but mostly for fun and sight-seeing). I've been all over North & South America, Europe, China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Australia.

The one place I haven't been to yet is New Zealand. I really want to visit there, and it's definitely on my to-do list )))))

I am also yet to explore some other parts of Asia, but that's in the works :)

My second-favorite hobby is cooking. Being somewhat of a romantic at heart, I love to be creative in the kitchen. :=)) Oh, I do enjoy eating out once in a while; but, to me, a home-cooked meal is the absolute BEST )))))

I'm into all sorts of other things, too : sports, music, movies, etc. But, my taste in those things doesn't border on the fanatic, like it does for most people.

Take sports, for example; my definition of "sports" goes as far as : jogging most mornings, taking long walks (I love walking long distances, for exercise); going to the gym maybe couple of times a week; and that's about it.

Back in the day, I was into quite a bit more; I did bodybuilding for 3 years; then I dropped it, and went into professional kickboxing for 5 years; then aikido for about a year.

Growing up, I was crazy about team-sports --- soccer, basketball, etc. Like most guys, I guess. The difference is : most guys are still crazy about it, even into their 40's (LOL). I'm not. So, you won't find me eager to "spend time with the boys", munching pizza and gulping down jugs of beer, while we rant, and yell, and cheer the Chicago Reindeers to victory over the Los Angeles Poodles, or whatever they're called (see? I don't even know their names). Not my thing :=)))

Music, hmmm, well, that's an interesting one. My favorite kind of music is Classical : Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss, Bach, Tchaikovskiy, etc, etc.

Then comes R 'n B, pop, and disco. However, my taste in this aspect is pretty old-fashioned. I'm more of an "Oldies" kind of guy; for me, "music" is all about the 70's, and 80's, and maybe the early 90's.

With a few notable exceptions, I don't care one bit for the crap that's portrayed these days as "music". Techno, Hapno, Crapno, Metalno, Electrono, Nonsense-no, This-no, That-no, etc, etc. Once again, I dont't even know what they call themselves, nor do I want to know. Just listening to them for 30 seconds is enough to make me take an aspirin.

Movies.....another interesting aspect :=)) I guess my taste in movies kinda co-incides with my taste in music, in the sense that : I certainly prefer films from the old days, in so far as they were of much better quality and higher standard that the nonsense displayed everywhere these days.

Perhaps, I could breakdown my taste in movies with regards to my age, starting from when I was old enough to sit up and watch TV (LOL) :

1 -- 5 years old : cartoons

5 -- 9 years : musicals (the "Sound of Music" still remains my favorite movie today)

9 -- 15 years : action-packed (yeah, at that time, it was all about the guns, and bombs, and super-heroes, and "good guys" killing all the "bad guys")

15 -- 18 years : porn (yep, I had my stash of Playboy and Penthouse hidden under my mattress, too. Sorry)

18 -- 24 years : chick-flicks (I hated these; but, when you're 18 or 19, it's all about impressing your girlfriend. So, if she's watching "Sex in the City", I had to pretend to like it, too)

24 -- 30 years : dramas and thrillers (mainly because they actually resembled some of the drama and thriller going on in MY own life (LOL))

30 years and above : back to cartoons (at 30, I realized that watching Tom & Jerry, Pink Panther, and the Flintstones, makes much more sense than a lot of the crap that comes out of Hollywood these days)

And, I guess, that's my taste in movies. :=)))))

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I have lived here for 10 years

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I have lived here for 10 years

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