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overworked but underpaid, drinks two liters of iced tea in one go, loves to write but does not keep a journal, high but grounded, a sucker for tearjerkers and romantic comedy flicks, chocoholic, crazy but manages to retain a bit of sanity, really trying to find time to exercise, hates liver but loves liver spread, adore dolphins but still a shark at heart, will think a thousand times before spending, loves eating out but always whips up dishes at home, has asthma but goes gaga over dogs, a swimmer without a pool, dreams of having her own travel/adventure show at discovery channel/national geographic channel, a bookworm, collects sunglasses, has a shoe fetish, hates pretenders, would kill for pizza, hates people who are getting paid doing nothing (i can name several), a good friend, a better enemy, forgives but never ever forgets, granddaughter to the best grandfather in the world, struggling mom and better half


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  • Little Old Me - Tales of a struggling cook, mom, friend and better half

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