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48 years old • Female • Customer Services (Eurostar)

I'm a British lady that lives in london...Life is interesting in my opinion,i love life despite all the horrible things that's going on in the world...

  • Hobbies:

    Reading(favourite author is Paulo Coelho),i love dancing lambada ,merengue,salsa,zouk,soca,slow, melody music.Favourite artists,Beatles,elvis presley,Michael Jackson,Stevie Wonder,Marving Gaye,Nat King Cole&Daugther,Various zouk artists,
    Diana Ross&the suppremes,Donell Jones,motown music,italian&spanish music,African music overall.So when i'm not dancing or reading i like to go travelling around the globe with my friends&colleagues,i love running&keeping toned(i never worry about losing weight)so it's just to keep fit&have toned muscles).I just love listening to Annie Lennox&Srewart...

  • Favourite places:

    My country of course first which is Djibouti(East Africa),Sicily,Sardinia,Brazil,Tanzania, French Polynesie,Mauritania,New Zealand,Marseilles(FRANCE),Papeete,New Caledonie,San Francisco,Morrocco, Mauritania,Spain,Portugal,Italy,Yemen,Saudia Arabia,Cape Verde,Ethiopia...

Life is too short so don't be angry 4ever....Peace&Love...Live In The Moment...


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