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About @eduh8

Male • student

i'm a student, i study
sometimes i work
but mainly i've studied non-stop since i was 3
occasionally i travel, less so now since i study even more

i can speak a few languages, read a few more (mainly romance), and say a bunch of ridiculous phrases in a number of other ones.

  • Hobbies:

    i travel

    a someday photographer (as in someday i'll be on)




  • Favourite places:

    ecuador, belgium, peru, cuba, spain, cyprus (in no order)

    japan was cool but the language thing held me back

    actually everywhere but where i happen to be

it is what it is


where i've been

• 80,396 kms

USA Andorra Belgium Canada Cuba Cyprus Dominican Republic Ecuador Costa Rica Panama Peru Mexico Japan Spain France Morocco Italy United Kingdom Netherlands Vatican City

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