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About @elhombre81

42 years old • Male • Hotelier

I am very passionate with NATURE which brought me to the sport of Mountaineering. It is so fulfilling to reach the peak of every mountain with the panoramic view of the area, then capturing the beautiful scenery as I always bring my camera with me. Take a long deep breath to enjoy the fresh air.... Priceless!

I love Beaches, I love the dramatic sunset, I love the cold breeze of night when strolling by the beach.

I love to explore Islands, the rural areas, the unseen, the untouched.

I love taking photographs. My collection of beautiful shots are one of my treasures!

  • Hobbies:

    Mountaineering, Hiking, Photography, Travel

  • Favourite places:

    1. Coron Palawan, Philippines (Yes, this is the Best)
    I just fell in love with Coron. The wonders of God's creation, the fresh air, the beautiful scenery, the calm waters of the lagoons, the big trees, gigantic rocks..! so much to be amazed. It's truly Enchanting!

    2. Bangkok, Thailand
    A one of a kind experience! Bangkok offers entirely different experience as what other cities can offer. The crazy, wild and exotic nightlife marks on the top of my head!

    3. Sydney, Australia
    Everyone is dreaming to see the Sydney Opera house, the iconic Harbour Bridge, to dine in at the 360 Revolving restaurant in Sydney tower and experience the beautiful city of Sydney. And I am just lucky for this dream come true travel.

    4. Busan, South Korea - The cleanest city I have been to. It was winter so the cold weather was just perfect in getting around the city's tourist spots.

    5. Boracay, Philippines
    It is not just the Best beach in the Philippines but listed as the top best beaches worldwide. I've been there 4 times and Boracay is just so lovely. It gets so crowded during peak season and there are plenty of commercial establishment which lessen the serenity.

    6. Hunter Valley, Australia
    A perfect family getaway. Clean city, the magnificent garden display and the food......... all these are so lovely.

    7. Bohol, Philippines
    This is one of my favorite domestic destinations. In fact I had a leisure travel in Bohol twice in same year. (1st trip was January 20, 2011 and 2nd time was March 23, 2011) I wish I could own the cutest mammal ever seen, the Tarsier.

    8. Canberra City, Australia
    I like the Cockington Park which features miniature of ICONS from all over the world.

    9. Bantayan Island Cebu, Philippines
    I'm a beach person. I love the heat of the sun when its sets at noon time, the sounds of the waves and the priceless SUNSET. Bantayan Island is a great place for beach people.

    10. Puerto Gallera Mindoro, Philippines
    The sand is not as fine as Boracay, the crowed is not as "sosyal" as Boracay, the beach itself isn't as paradise as other beaches in the Philippines, in fact you can consider this as average. However, this I consider the best party beach ever. I will definitely go back every month of May.



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