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39 years old • Female • producer

I really love photography, the captured moments of life. I love photography on boths sides of the lens – on both sides of the memory telling. Technically, the moments in night are longer than the moments in sports. Oh, and sports... I'm fond of it. I like mountain biking – moreover, I like it the way the pros do it. That's even the reason I am a producer of biking broadcasts shown on Kalev Sports Channel. The fast ways through the nature somehow make me happy... the shortcuts through bushes, mud and rain. Yes, I avoid cars when possible, I'm thinking green. I switch off the lights and turn on my candles – the rechargeable ones by Philips. I try to go plastic-free. I always prefer fair trade products, the taste of coffee beans gathered by sorrowless people. Well, coffee... the word on its own makes me awake. Before the first cup I lay in coma. After the second cup I work better. After the third my life gets happier. So keep coffeeing, quit smoking – it makes the world sunny. Never forget milk and sugar. Never drink it rapidly, rather taste it like the Cubans do.

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    Mountain biking, Overlanding, Offroading, camping

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    Western Sahara, Barcelona


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Roadtrip from Estonia to Ghana

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