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40 years old • Female • Unemployed through choice

I am 30 years old and have had a great life, I have ups and downs like everyone but these things are sent to test us! I am a very positive happy person who believes in Karma and will go out of my way for the people I love (unfortunately one of the reasons I am going on this adventure). I have worked on private yachts for the last 7 years, which is fun and I got to meet some amazing people and see some amazing places but it does nothing for your soul at all! I have had a recent 'hick up' (got my heart broken) and am not sure what to do with myself as I dont feel I am ready to go back to work yet (especially doing what I was doing). Therefore I have decided (2 weeks ago!) to go travelling, haa haa, yes I know not a lot of planning time but hey thats what kind of girl I am. I want an adventure, I want to meet amazing like minded people and see some amazing places, I want to figure out what to do next!!

  • Hobbies:

    Sailing, riding a motor cycle, reading books, spending time with my friends and family, going to concerts and gigs, listening to music, attempting to dance (various type tried- useless at all though :-) ) running, walking especially with my parents dogs on Salisbury Plain! Trying anything new!

  • Favourite places:

    New Zealand! British Virgin Islands, home, my sisters and my best friends house!


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