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60 years old • Male • Citizen of USA • Government Administration

I enjoy travel to new places. Generally, I find asia and the islands of the Pacific Ocean most interesting. I am a little older now, so, It is my goal to see many new places before I become Tooooooo Old to walk and see new things.

  • Hobbies:

    Reading, Talking (alot), and Female Fashion ! I hope to live in Thailand and travel in all of the local countries when I retire.

  • Favourite places:

    I have enjoyed many Ocean and beach places in Thailand. I am very interested in the Buddhist history of Asia, and places of Meditation. Soon, I hope to see a little of China, Taiwan, The Philippines, and maybe Cambodia or Vietnam.


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Eric is happy to answer questions about this Country. I have visited twice for 30 days. My total of 60 days in this country allowed me to travel ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. I have enjoyed the local economy. I have also seen many of the Tourist Attractions. If you have Questions, please ask. Should I not know the answer, I can refer to others. I always recommend for new visitors. READ the 40 pages of Information there, and you will have a good reference for visiting this wonderful country.

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