Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


About @goodfish


Hello! I'm a 12-year VT veteran joining up with my mates who've found new homes here. Looking forward to getting to know the T.P. community, and hope to find my way around the site without too many missteps; no promises. HA.

The locations I'm adding to my Trip Map are all places I have been, not places I'm still wishing to go. They won't be linked in any sort of point-to-point mapping as I've been to some of them more than once, and what's to be found (or not) in those locations is more important to me than the getting there.

  • Hobbies:

    Travel (duh!) reading, hiking, art, architecture, history, and I'm a lousy but stubbornly, stupidly determined bowler.

  • Favourite places:

    The American Southwest, U.S. National Parks, Italy, Belgium, and some I've yet to discover.

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