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58 years old • Female • Research associate

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    Cooking and eating. Wildlife and bird watching. Rugby from the comfort of a couch. Visiting revolving restaurants. Admiring medieval art and sculpture that actually looks like something I can recognise.

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    Pretty well everywhere I've ever visited.
    Particular favourites are South Africa, Namibia, Uganda, Madagascar, Peru, Slovenia, Romania, the Baltic States and Malaysia.
    Probably because I am a de facto tribalised German, I think it's the most underrated tourist destination in Europe.

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South Africa

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If you wanted to be charitable, then you'd describe Burundi as a country unburdened by major tourist attractions. It has an undeniably attractive setting at the head of beautiful Lake Tanganyika, but a combination of extreme population pressure - leading to wholesale deforestation and environmental degradation - and some very nasty politics leave it eclipsed by its neighbours. But there are reasons why you might find yourself there as a tourist - probably because you are exploring other countries in the stunning Great Lakes region and are tempted to pop across the border, or maybe because you found a low cost fare on Air Brussels to Bujumbura - and if so, I'd gladly offer what advice and assistance I can. I know Burundi because I've been involved with business ventures there for over five years.

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I have visited Namibia many times over the past 25 years, and have been lucky enough to have worked there for brief periods. Namibia is the ultimate travel destination for those who love arid environments. Breathtaking landscapes. Amazing, abundant, easy-to-see wildlife. Excellent infrastructure and wonderful opportunities for self drive, self catering tourism in a friendly environment where English and German are widely spoken.

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We have been lucky enough to do three trips to Madagascar in recent years, which has only been long enough to scratch the surface of what I consider to be the ultimate wildlife travel destination. It's like being in God's experimental laboratory, and anyone interested in nature couldn't help but be captivated by the country's weird and wonderful animals and plants. An added bonus is that the critters are also fairly easy to see, unlike some other biodiversity hot spots. Even if the wildlife isn't a major drawcard, the landscapes are magical and the multiple cultures are unique. Quite simply, I've never been anywhere quite so unique, and I'd love to share my experiences and enthusiasm with fellow travellers.

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South Africa

I lived in South Africa for nearly 30 years, and have travelled and worked throughout the most remote and obscure parts of the country. I have also survived - and enjoyed - living and working in Big Bad Johannesburg (a much underrated travel destination)!

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