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40 years old • Female • Poor Graduate Student

I'm a little asian girl that's been around the world, mostly kickin it in the desert where i feel the most at home. it makes me feel small and simple and calm. it makes me feel centered and like i belong.

I was in California for a bit to long, so I moved onto Boston. I'm putting off the real world by doing a dietetic internship and a masters (or two). I study nutrition and food policy and work in the hospital.

As of the moment, I'm headed to Angola for an internship with the World Food Programme to work on a new Maternal Child Health project.

Check out my blog to see where I go as I get swept up on this breeze called Life.

  • Hobbies:

    cooking, eating, singing, guitar, gardening, shopping, scuba diving, hiking, camping, yoga, swimming, beaches, .... chill stuff like that

  • Favourite places:

    On the top of a jebel in Udhailiyah, beaches at night, the Berkeley hills, the Berkeley marina, Golden Gate Park, surfacing from a night dive in the Red Sea, hot air balloons at sunrise, any open air market or street food booth, Korean Jinjubangs,... just take me to a desert and I'll be happy... =)

Stay strong!


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