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  • Welcome Signs - Border signs from the USA & Canada
  • 2011 Northern California - We return to California for the first time since 1979. We lived in Monterey while I was in the Army and stationed at nearby Fort Ord.
  • 2004 South Dakota-Yellowstone-Colorado - We did lots of driving on this trip (4500 miles) but saw a lot of great things. In our quest to visit all 50 states we visit states #35 Minnesota, #36 South Dakota, #37 North Dakota, #38 Montana, #39 Idaho, #40 Colorado & #41 Kansas.
  • 2012 Lake Superior Loop - We started our trip by heading around to the west shore of Lake Michigan via Chicago then Milwaukee. From here to Green Bay before crossing back into Michigan.
  • 2013 Nova Scotia-Prince Edward Island - We started this trip by flying into Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • 2014 Quebec-Boston-Cape Cod - Montreal, Quebec, Boston, Cape Cod, Newport RI..
  • 2015 Colorado-Arizona-Utah - Visited 2 National Parks in Colorado, 5 National Parks in Utah.
  • 2016 Central Florida - A quick little trip to Florida to attend a memorial service for Sue's Aunt. Since we were here we added a couple of days for some sightseeing.
  • 2016 Lake Huron Loop - This is the last of the 5 Great Lakes for us to circle. We started along Michigan's east coast and headed north into the Upper Peninsula. We cross into Canada in Sault Ste Marie and head east..
  • Postcards - This is a summary of our travels since we were married in 1978 through the use of postcards from some of our favorite places.
  • 2010 Ottawa-Montreal - We focused this trip around circling Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.
  • 2009 Canadian Rockies - We visited Glacier NP in MT before heading into Canada. In Canada we visited 4 National Parks (Banff, Jasper, Yoho & Kootenay). This was one of our favorite trips of all time. It was also the first trip that only Sue and I went by ourselves since 1985.
  • 2008 Hawaii - We went to Hawaii to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. It is also the last of the 50 states that we visited.
  • 2007 Gulf Coast-New River Gorge WV - On this trip we will visit states #46-AR, #47-MS #48-LA, and #49-AL. This will leave only Hawaii.
  • 2007 Niagara Falls - This was a I need to go somewhere weekend. Niagara Falls is only 4 hours away. It was bitter cold in Niagara Falls with wind chills below zero.
  • 2006 Oregon-Washington - We start this trip at the Columbia River Gorge located near Portland. In our quest to visit all 50 states we add #44 Oregon & #45 Washington.
  • 2005 Great Smoky Mtns-Carolinas - We brought camping gear and rented cabins on this trip. We headed south to Georgia with stops in the Great Smoky Mtns and Atlanta. After staying with our friends we go east to Savannah and then up the east coast to Cape Hatteras.
  • 2017 British Columbia-Washington - Vancouver, Pacific Rim Natl Park, Victoria - North Cascades Natl Park, Spokane, Seattle
  • Jerry & Sue's Travels - Return to this page at any time by clicking on Jerry & Sue's Travels under Favourite Links on the right side or click on return to homepage at the end of any blog.
  • National Parks Visited - USA & Canada - One of our favorite things to do.
  • 2018 Southern California - Joshua Tree Natl Park, San Diego, Kings Canyon & Sequoia Natl Parks, Death Valley Natl Park, Red Rock Canyon
  • 2019 NW US - Idaho-Oregon
  • 2019 North Carolina - A quick trip to Asheville area to check out area as a possible post retirement move
  • 2020 Thanksgiving in Texas - A driving trip to spend Thanksgiving with my daughter & son-in-law in Texas
  • 2019 Central US - Trip to celebrate my 60th birthday and to check out a possible retirement move to Tennessee
  • 2020 Moving Kim to Texas - After we assisted my daughter with her move to Texas, we headed home stopping in New Orleans and Mississippi.
  • 2020 South Florida - Naples, Everglades Natl Park (#34), Key West, Biscayne Natl Pk (#35), Miami, Miami Beach
  • Hard Rocks Visited - Cafes - Casinos - Hotels
  • 2021 Shenandoah-Flight 93 Natl Memorial - Some quick stops while travelling from Tennessee to Michigan
  • 2022 SW Texas-Big Bend National Park - Highlights include Big Bend National Park and staying the night in a Dark Sky Area.
  • 2022 Savannah & Charleston - 2 of our favorite cities
  • 2022 Western US - Our travels take us to sites in Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Arizona & Colorado.
  • 2023 Florida - Highlights include St Augustine, friends in Bradenton & family in Sarasota
  • 2023 Texas-South Padre Island - A visit to see my daughter in Austin and then onto South Padre Island
  • 2023 ND-Canada-MN - North Dakota-Manitoba, Canada-Minnesota
  • 2024 Florida - Visiting with family & a few stops along the way
  • 2024 Arizona - Our 2nd longest road trip ever covering 4700+ miles and focused mostly in Arizona. We saw a lot of cactus on this trip.

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