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68 years old • Female

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    travel, swing dancing, kayaking, music...and lots more

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    Morocco, Canadian Rockies, Cumberland region in the UK, St. John US Virgin Islands, Netherlands, Mexico, THe U.S> Rockies, Northern California and Kuaii, Hawaii to name a few, tho everywhere I have been has been interesting in one way or another

2-Carpe Diem and If you have the choice to sit it out or dance-DANCE!


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I live in the U.S., also have traveled in every state except alaska..have both camped and stayed in cities...also have lived in NYC, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Boston areas

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I have been there, loved it, stayed with a family there ( my fiance's), know a little moroccan arabic, have learned a lot about the culture, what to wear as a woman, local customs etc.

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