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"Be a traveller, not a tourist..."

  • Full Name: joffre ... ( 58 / Male )
  • Lives In: Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
  • Citizenship: Australia
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  • About joffre:

    Another keen Aussie traveller,

    Countries travelled through to date include; Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal, Sikkim, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, San Marino, Vatican, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, New Zealand and Australia...

    Wishing you great travel adventures in the future!

  • Hobbies:

    Travel, food and photography...

  • Favourite places:

    Wherever I am at the time...

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Trip Stats

Japan/Korea 2021 (7360 kms)

27 Aug 2020 - 19 Sep 2021

Visiting: Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan.

Flores 2020 (2401 kms)

08 Aug 2020 - 26 Sep 2020

Visiting: Indonesia.

India 2019 (10767 kms)

17 Aug 2019 - 25 Sep 2019

Visiting: Singapore and India.

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"Have travelled through-out Indonesia from <a href="/guide/Weh/" title="Wiki travel guide to Pulau Weh">Pulau Weh</a> in the west to <a href="/guide/Kupang/" title="Wiki travel guide to Kupang">Kupang</a> in the east, including <a href="/guide/Sumatra/" title="Wiki travel guide to Sumatra">Sumatra</a>, <a href="/guide/Java/" title="Wiki travel guide to Java">Java</a>, <a href="/guide/Kalimantan/" title="Wiki travel guide to Kalimantan">Kalimantan</a>, <a href="/guide/Sulawesi/" title="Wiki travel guide to Sulawesi">Sulawesi</a>, <a href="/guide/Maluku/" title="Wiki travel guide to Maluku">Maluku</a>, <a href="/guide/Bali/" title="Wiki travel guide to Bali">Bali</a> and <a href="/guide/Nusa_Tenggara/" title="Wiki travel guide to Nusa Tenggara">Nusa Tenggara</a>..."

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