Vitoria - Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain


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45 years old • Male • Citizen of Spain • Teacher

I was born in Spain some thirty years ago. I moved to the Canary Islands when I was a child with my family. Then I came back to the Basque Country where I lived until I moved to Colombia. I lived there for three years and then went to Australia for a whole year. I've lived back in the Basque Country for the last 12 years, and have worked as a teacher of English and Spanish, but I'm moving to Iceland in two weeks' time. I'm going to work in a farm, 50km away from Reykjavík, near Selfoss.

  • Hobbies:

    I love travelling (South America is great, but I've recently started to discover some very interesting areas in Europe), reading (travel books are some of my favourite but I definitely love authors such as Joseph Conrad, Álvaro Mutis or Antoine de Saint-Exupéry), going to the cinema and listening to music (Jazzanova, Bugge Wesseltoft, and many other electronic jazz bands).

  • Favourite places:

    Parque Nacional Tayrona (Colombia), San Agustín (Colombia), Providence Island (Colombia), Torres del Paine (Chile), Punta Arenas (Chile), Galápagos Islands (Ecuador), Tikal (Guatemala), Baja California (México), Panama City, New York City, Sydney (Australia), Ayers Rock (Australia), Antananarivo (Madagascar), Mauritius Island, Casablanca (Morocco), Lixus (Morocco), Volubilis (Morocco), Riga (Latvia), Tallinn (Estonia), Helsinki (Finland), Porto (Portugal), and many others!


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