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Only this very moment is life. ~ thich nhat hanh

  • Full Name: Robyn Gallacher ( 41 / Female )
  • Lives In: Kodiak, Alaska, USA
  • Citizenship: USA
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Occupation: Student Services @ Community College
  • About kaivalya76:

    I am alive, this I (Harold Munro)
    Introvert - INFP
    Secular, Aristotelian world view
    Only child
    Aspiring teacher, social scientist (anthropology/sociology), writer
    (Interested in cultural analysis/ethnography and applying anthropology and sociology to education--and education reform)
    Independent, self-sufficient, happily unmarried
    Student - Lifelong learner
    Tolerant & compassionate
    Agnostic...follow buddhism as a philosophy rather than religion
    Staunch supporter of tolerance and universal human rights
    Politically independent

  • Hobbies:

    Reading (mostly non-fiction) & research (social sciences, education, neuroscience, Eastern thought, history & geography), drawing & home design (former career), running, hiking, movies and documentaries, red wine and local brewery beer, live music (esp blues, rock and jazz), eating really yummy food, kayaking, anything cozy (esp: snuggling my little boys), coffee, tea and smoothies, the sweet spot on my couch and my awesome fleece blanket, foreign languages, travelling or scheming someday travels...currently cultivating patience, self-acceptance and trying to be less-high strung through yoga practice and meditation...

    Hopefully someday soon hobbies: gardening & fishing

  • Favourite places:

    Home (Kodiak Island & Alaska), Hawai'i (Kauai), Pacific Northwest (Bellingham, Seattle, Portland and points in between), Ireland (especially the North - Belfast, Derry & Donegal), Manhattan, Germany (Dresden & Berlin)...and anywhere that involves a road trip or a trail/backpack (as long as it's not too damn cold!)

    I like temperate climates...drizzle and mist, green and lush landscapes, and sunshine - need more of that.

    Next on my list of new places to visit: Western Africa (Ghana), the American South (roadtrip!), Montreal-->Halifax by train, UK/Scotland, Japan, New Zealand, Grand Canyon/Route 66 Road trip with my boys, New England Road Trip (Boston-->Maine/New Brunswick), Iceland, Greece (Crete!), Nepal/India...

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June '10 & '11 Los Angeles/JTC (22 kms)

Visiting: USA.

April '05 Manhattan (51 kms)

Visiting: USA.

March '12 Hawai'i (392 kms)

Visiting: USA.

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I am a lifelong Alaskan; have lived in Whittier, Anchorage and Kodiak

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