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Cardigan, PE, Canada



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82 years old • Male • Retired

Born in an air raid on Liverpool in Nottingham, England. Emigrated to Canada in 1963. Went to university in Montreal graduated in 1971. Had many jobs before going to university where I graduated with a BA in Economics i971. Later qualified as a teacher and work in the UK, Middle East, Nigeria and Canada.

  • Hobbies:

    Sailing, travelling during the winter when possible? Staying healthy and sane, try to get to the gym when the weather and time permits. Reading is also important although in the Age of Trump I spend too much time on politics. I am also a film fan, watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on Netflix recently, but had a hard time deciphering HST or Gonzo

  • Favourite places:

    England, Egypt, Sub Continent, Canada

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Atlantic Bubble Travel 2020

04 Aug 2020 - 10 Aug 2020 • 789 kms



• 15,404 kms

Canada United Kingdom Bahrain India

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