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Take clothes you can layer...... :-)

  • Full Name: J ( Female )
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  • About leics2:

    I started travelling abroad about 20 years ago, many decades later in life than most people because of personal circumstances rather than personal choice. My first solo trip outside the UK was to Rome, which I loved, especially Ostia Antica.

    Since then I've been to 40 countries (almost always as a solo traveller), visiting some countries several times. I've enjoyed every trip and have had no major problems at all. I almost always organise everything myself, though I have taken an organised tour and a few off-season cheap package holidays which provided me with a base for my own explorations. I've done my best to map most of my past trips on TP but I can't possibly map all the places I've visited, especially in the UK, so from now on I'm going to stick to mapping new trips.

    When I'm not visiting archaeological and historical sites (my passion) I like to spend my time wandering around, seeing how people live and (especially) seeking 'what once was'. 'Modern' things hold no real interest for me, though I do sometimes visit shops and markets to see what's on offer and at what price. Shopping and sports bore me rigid.

    I was an active member of VirtualTourist for 14 years, uploading thousands of photos, writing hundreds of travelpages and tips and answering many, many questions on the VT travel forums. During that time I met well over 200 VT-ers at VT meetings big and small, making many friends in reality as well as in the virtual world. I'm pleased to say that our meetings still continue, with large 'Euromeets' in Iceland (2018) and Bulgaria (2019) plus smaller meets like the annual London Treasure Hunt. :-)

    Tripadvisor's unjustified decision to destroy VT along with all its content meant that, like many other VT-ers, I needed a new 'home'. I, like all ex-VT-ers on this site, am hugely grateful to TP's owners for devising a way of importing all my VT content.

  • Hobbies:

    Exploring new places (obviously!)

  • Favourite places:

    and many, many more.........


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I've made many visits to Italy (and will make more, always using public transport and focusing on historical and archaeological sites. I'm more than happy to help wherever I can.

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Have done a lot of travelling throughout Europe, almost always using public transport and particularly focusing on archaeological and historical sites. Happy to help wherever I can.

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Lived in the UK all my life, mostly in England, and have travelled extensively throughout the country. :-)

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Lived here all my life and have travelled extensively over the years. :-)

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