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    Ï collect Visa stamps in a passport.

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    Australia, everywhere.
    southern coast of Cambodia

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I'm current with the Thailand- Cambodia border crossings, (Cost,hassels,things to avoid,etc..)Also, I know Cheap, Cool, comfortable,scenic,PArty, places along the way. I can give a great Itenerary from two weeks to a year. Hee hee I Know a place where the rent is 2$US a year.hows that.....(not joking) I like Cambodia and feel it's one of the very few places left that you can still get the feeling that your trailblazing. Not crowded with tourist and the westerners you do meet there have character. like the Islands of Thailand used to be on the south-eastern coast. The only Beaches in cambodia. Clean water,Nice people, good dance, and relaxed in every way.

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