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57 years old • Female

I have not been actively updating my travel blogs due to my work and personal life being too busy. In addition, the winter months were long and I've been "hibernating". Like I said, life is short and precious. We should not take our God-given life and our loved ones for granted. We should always be thankful and grateful - not just content - but also strive to live our life to the fullest.

I moved to The Hague, Netherlands in mid-October 2011 after living and working in Vienna, Austria for 12 years. I am excited to start my new job and new life in the pretty little city of Den Haag. I hope I get to stay here longer than 1 year, and get to make new wonderful friends as well. Anyway, let's see what the future holds!

  • Hobbies:

    Travelling and digital photography. Gastronomy. Wines. Beers. Movies

  • Favourite places:

    Western Europe, Japan, Bali, and my home

Life is Short. Enjoy Every Moment


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