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Hi, My country Nigeria gets a lot of bad press which unfortunately we mostly deserve. However with the number of expatriates living here, it means a bunch of bad apples dont a country make. Its a tough country from visa, airport, taxi, hotel, doing legitimate business but what you need more than all the tips in the world is a friendly educated local. I am not in the travel industry, in fact i am a Medical Doctor who loves travel and because i am also a published author with her own practise, i dictate how i spend my time. If you need or would love to come to Nigeria for Business/Pleasure, you could experience a pleasant stay because i can give you loads of tips because i am a big critic of my country so i know how things work and how they should work. I live in Lagos, not far from the airport. If i am in the country i could help with navigating and ensuring you have a safe trip back to your country.

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