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About @m.tchianova2018

Citizen of Ukraine • journalist, writer

Creative, keen to write, innovative by form, conservative by meaning. Quite hard-working, pretty active, I rely on information and people and do my best to enjoy life and be effective.

  • Hobbies:

    Reading. I would even say, excessive reading. Speaking in public, talking to friends and the audience. Finding new places, e.g. museums, restaurants, libraries, book shops, record shops, telling people about them. Travel - from guided to 'wild' trips. Cultures of the world. History.

  • Favourite places:

    Kyiv, Ukraine
    Odesa, Ukraine
    Lviv, Ukraine
    Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
    Paris, France
    Toulouse, France
    Some tiny villages in Kyiv region during guided tours
    Listening to visitors from the other countries tell their view of the subject.
    Each place where writing and music are welcome.

Follow your heart and keep a mind on changes. Live it up!


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