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Not all who wander are lost

  • Full Name: Philippa Wildash ( 38 / Female )
  • Lives In: United Kingdom
  • Citizenship: United Kingdom
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Occupation: Tour Guide
  • About matildasuitcase:

    My name is Philippa and i am a travelholic! I have been travelling on and off for the last 7 years and have worked and lived in a variety of places, some ordinary and some a bit random. I did go to university, but after i graduated didn't have the foggiest idea of what to do, so went to the U.S and got on a train. Now, every time i need to decide what to do with my life i do that again and i generally figure out the next step trundling along through the American wilderness. I love to learn about wherever i am going and see and do as much as possible along the way.

  • Hobbies:

    Travelling of course! I also love to read, mostly historical fiction, which i then corroberate using my own research. I listen to music and like my TV shows for the chill out days. Learning in general is my hobbie

  • Favourite places:

    The U.S, especially Boston, Nantucket Island, San Francisco, Chicago and Austin and i quite like all the bits in between too!
    Turkey is an amazingly interesting country which is easy to get around. Goreme in Cappadocia is fantastic, as is Istanbul.
    Luxor, Dahab, Alexandria and the Siwa Oasis all in Egypt i love, as i do Cairo actually, a vilified city which you just have to get to know.
    Angkor in Cambodia, not the Wat, the complex in general and Battambang in Cambodia surprised me


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Travel Help


I have been to Egypt twice, the second time shortly after the revolution in 2011 and i travelled independently using local accommodation and public transport. It can be done cheaply and safely and is so much fun.

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I worked as a tour leader in western turkey, so had to be pretty clued up on the main destinations and general info on the area. I love Turkey and would always encourage people to go there and explore

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If anyone is thinking of going to teach English in South Korea i can help them out with the do's and don'ts.

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I travelled to Thailand and Cambodia in 2011 and seeing as i was arriving there from South Korea, could not find a travel guide to buy, so i created my own.

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I am currently in Vancouver on my second WHV, the first time i was here i travelled across the country and worked in the Rocky Mountains and this time i am hoping to work as a tour guide in and around Vancouver over the summer.

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I have travelled through the USA 8 times, over 30,000 miles and have seen 39 states. I have also worked in Massachusetts for a few months. I have loads of knowledge on public transportation, places to stay, places to see and places to avoid! Exploring the states is my favourite thing to do, so if you want to explore it too, hopefully i can help.

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