Yasir Nisar

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


About @maxloxton

42 years old • Male • Software Engineer, Freelance Writer

An amateur photographer who loves to capture the beauty of the world throught the Lens.

I began like a lot of others with a easy camera as a student with photos from class travels and holidays. I started delving into photography in my early teens and till then there is no stopping way. Although I've taken pictures and enjoyed it since I was a teenager, since sometime last year, It has become somthing more than that.

Now, photography is a serious passion for me and I am doing so for an aim and 've become obsessed by photography. I love travelling and till last year to accomplish my aim I have done a lot of trekking and travelling. From September onward my every weekend will be on road as I am obsessed with travelling now.

Pakistani Photographers community is now an obsession for me and that is the reason I am at Flickr. I love sharing my photos here in flickr. It's one way for me to learn new things from other people.

-All digital photos on this gallery are property of Yasir Nisar. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorize Use, Copy, Editing, Reproduction, Publication, Duplication and Distribution of the digital photos, or any portion of them, may result in severe legal and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum possible extent under the law. Permission is Required for Copying, Printing and Downloading. Thank you.-

If you would like to use my photos. Please email me at yasirnisar(@)gmail.com and let me know your purpose. I accept Money, Gratis, pens, caps, souvenirs and others etc etc.. :D

My favorite motives:
- landscape & nature photography
- Birds Photography
- Fashion
- Folk Sports (Tent Pegging)

I like:
- constructive criticisme, stimulation, tips and of course praises, therefore exchange of ideas with others
- I am glad about every reaction on a picture from me

I don't like:
- Praises for no reason
- abstraction

My equipment DIGITAL:
- Canon 20D
- Lens Cosina 19-35 3.5-4.5
- Canon 50mm F1.8
- Canon 70-210 F4
- Canon 100-300 f4-5.6
- Sigma 400 mm f5.6

My equipment ANALOG:
- Canon 35-70 mm f/3.5-4.5

- Pentax Z 70
- Pentax 35-80 mm f 3.5-4.5

My wishlist:
- Canon 300 mm F4 or f2.8
- Large Format Camera
- Canon 80-200 L f2.8
- Full frame Canon 1DS Mark II N or Canon D5

  • Hobbies:

    Photography, writing, reading, experimenting

  • Favourite places:

    Lahore, Islamabad, Northern areas of Pakistan

All Dreams can come true if you have the courage to fulfill them


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