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45 years old • Citizen of Kenya • Travel Photographer

Wildlife photography has been a part of my life since I picked up my first camera and has evolved into my passion. Having enjoyed a corporate career, I finally summoned the courage to follow my heart. Micheal North Wildlife Photography Safaris Originally from Cape Town (South Africa), I am currently living in Nairobi (Kenya) from where I travel extensively around Africa conducting photography workshops and safaris.

I consider myself a naturalist who photographs wildlife, rather than a photographer who chooses wildlife as subject matter. I do not regard photography as a profession, but rather as an obligation to arouse greater awareness of the fragility of our natural heritage and so promote the preservation of nature. As photographers, we are the keepers of an incredible gift – a visual testament of the beauty of our world. In 200 years from today, we still need to see the elephant. We still need to have people feeling the feelings that I feel everyday when I am out photographing lions on the Serengeti plains. I firmly believe that wildlife photographers with a deep love and respect for nature produce the best images. A split second captured for eternity, universal in language and understanding. Our responsibility is vast and the reward is everlasting.

Although I have worked as a freelance wildlife photographer for the past eight years I, like most wildlife photographers, am completely self-taught (there is hope for us yet!!). I am blessed and privileged to be living in Africa, which is a wildlife photographer’s paradise. The extraordinary density and diversity of wildlife, nature and culture makes the continent an enviable arena for photographic artistry.

My photographs have been widely published in books, magazines, calendars, posters, brochures and my limited-edition prints. Photography has enriched my life in many ways, but perhaps the greatest of all, is meeting like-minded photographers who attend my workshops and share my love affair with wildlife photography and find complete fulfillment in shared experiences. My coaching philosophy focuses on creative persistence thereby assisting you to create images that capture the true essence of nature - a world where nature ignites the senses to create a single image frozen in time and exposes the raw, natural power and beauty of our world.

The primary objective of my photo workshops is helping you jump the hurdles over which I once stumbled. Nature sets up moments for you to see and create images to be lost in for just a moment. It may be an a-ha moment for either one person that may change our world. Our photographs represent our world today. Tomorrow they become part of our natural history.

I look forward to hosting you as we continue to explore the wild through the art of photography. May good light follow you wherever you go …

  • Hobbies:

    travel photography, safari in Africa

  • Favourite places:

    Masai Mara, Serengeti


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