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32 years old • Female • Citizen of USA • Patient Care Advocate

I'm just a funky chick who reads a lot and wants to travel the world a few times over before she's too old to care. My dream is to work for an embassy one day and I attend a small college in southern GA for international relations. I'm pretty opinionated but I remain open-minded and I love constructive debates. I have an obsession with cats. I change my hair a lot. I use a Mac, but I try not to hate on Windows too much (coughitsuckscough). I've been to Finland twice. I fell in love once but all I got was a really big Visa bill, so I try not to do that too often anymore. I squeak when I get excited and I have hidden freckles.

  • Hobbies:

    jumping on last-minute plane rides, being a tech junkie (digital slrs and unix make me a very happy girl), photography, snarky literature, quick wit, cheesy pick up lines, drinking european beer, writing, driving on high ways with my favorite music on going nowhere inparticular, trips to an island at 1 AM just 'cause I missed the feel of waves, loving on my cats, sharing a morning tea with my grandmother, making people smile.

  • Favourite places:

    finland (suomi), san francisco, mexico, jax florida

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