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39 years old • Female • Student

I stayed one year in the US learning and living their culture. Love the people - struggling with their politics. I travelled South America for 8 months and went back 6 months later to volunteer and travel in Central America. I love Latin America, but coming home to Denmark ain't bad either!

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    Badminton, skiing, travelling, studying (love it), languages...

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    Cuba, Colombia (all of it!), Galapagos, Argentina, Toscana, Norway, Denmark...

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"At rejse er at leve" - H.C. Andersen


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South America

I have backpacked most of South America, that being the coutries of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia. I have limited information about Uruguay and Bolivia though (just passed through). I learned the language there, the slang, the dances, found my favorite local liquor, met the locals, patied with the locals, was robbed, was helped and fell in love...South America is a world of oppertunities...Take good care of it! I love to share my new knowledge so ask away...

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Central America

Travelled 3 months in Guatemala, Southern Mexico and Cuba. Three places very different, but each worth a visit. If you go to Guatemala please make sure to pay your respects to the people and let them know you care! They are a wonderful people. I volunteered there and will never forget them. Mexico is like "Little America" even though they don't like Americans, but it is beatiful and some places you can still see some of the old culture. Cuba...CUBA!!!! Cuba can never be explained - you just have to live it. We stayed with some different locals and went around most of the island. Stay away from the more turisty places - it's NOT Cuba. Eat where the locals eat, dance where the locals dance - if you pay with peso, you know you get your money's worth. Ask away or visit my homepage to see some fotos.

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