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So much of who we are is where we have been - William Langewiesche

  • Full Name: Mikiko ( Female )
  • Lives In: Netherlands
  • About ms_travelr:

    Growing up in a military family, travelling has been in my blood since an early age. Every 18 months it was another home, another school and another group of friends. However, I never saw the negative aspect of it, it was just another adventure.
    I married my best friend and favorite travelbuddy in '95 and whenever we have the chance, we're off exploring new and interesting places as well as visiting old favorite ones. Some may call the need to travel a form of restlessness but we call it a fascination with the world.
    And when I worked at the airport in Amsterdam it allowed me the opportunity to meet people from all over and hear some wonderful travel stories. And for this I am very grateful.

  • Hobbies:

    Other than water sports -dragonboat racing(, SCUBA, sailing - my passion is to travel-mainly visiting UNESCO world heritage sites. My other addictions are Taiko, jigsawpuzzles and books - lots and lots of books.

  • Favourite places:

    Almost every trip I take is memorable: my honeymoon on the Hawaiian islands, 6-country European tour (my first summer in Europe), swimming with sharks in the Maldives and Tahiti, skiing for the first time in the Alps, swimming with dolphins in Curacao, walking through the streets of Byblos (founded in 5000 BC), sleeping under the stars in Wadi Rum, visiting Okinawa Japan for the 4th Uchinanchu Festival-reclaming my roots and visiting my grandmother (97) who recently passed away, dragonboat racing in China, hanging out with puffins in Iceland, driving a camper thru NZ, cruising around Svalbard ('m in love with the north) and most recently quietly celebrating my birthday in French Polynesia.

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  • Our Ski Adventures - I never knew how to ski until I moved to the Netherlands. Though the Netherlands is known as being a flat country (not called the lowlands for nothing), the Alps are just a day drive away. And every winter we take advantage of that fact. Most of the time we go with another couple, so after plans have been made (well in advance), directions printed out, car packed to the max, we head off to the next ski adventure.
  • Dubai 2003 - A lay over of a few days turns to a week of fun. The first couple of days it was back and forth between hotels but we ended up in the lap of luxury. Also a day in Wild Wadi, lunch at the world's most luxurious hotel and a jeep ride through the dunes (sorry no photos). It definitely was a week to remember.
  • Lisboa (Lisbon) Portugal - Our day over in Lisbon.
  • European Day Trips 2009 - Our continuing adventures living in Europe.
  • Switzerland 2007 - Finally...a trip to the Swiss alps.
  • Europe 2005 - During the summer of 2005, I accompanied J. on some of his trips. Even though it was only a day here or a day there, we made the most of our time in these wonderful cities.
  • Netherlands Antilles - My husband J. was on the MD-11 for about 7 years and had numerous trips to the Dutch Antilles. Here are just a few photos of the ones we went together.
  • Jordan 2006 - Trip to Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea.
  • Airplane 'Tails' - identifying airplane tales.
  • European Day Trips 2008 - My husband says I have an 'old soul'. Considering my passion for culture, history and 'old stuff' maybe it's true. Anyhow, I hope to share my interest in world heritage sites with others and exchange tips, trips and adventures.


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Airplane 'Tails'

22 Jun 2015

Visiting: USA.

European Day Trips 2009 (907 kms)

08 Jan 2009 - 29 May 2009

Visiting: Germany and England.

European Day Trips 2008 (2175 kms)

14 Feb 2008 - 02 Jul 2008

Visiting: Germany, England, France and Netherlands.

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