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33 years old • Female

I am an avid traveller and an artist. I am happiest when I am on a train to somewhere new with a fully charged ipod. I believe we are shaped by our experiences, so I am out to experience as much as I possibly can.

  • Hobbies:

    Drawing, reading a bazillion travel websites, playing guitar, photography, singing, smiling, rock climbing, exploring, reading, haunting the travel section of bookstores.

  • Favourite places:

    Inis Mor (of the Aran Islands), Berlin, Prague, PEI, B.C., Paris, Ukraine, etc.

Take chances, get messy, make mistakes! (Ms. Frizzle knew where it's at!)


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I've lived in Ireland for about 7 and a half months, on Inishmore (an island in the Aran Islands) and in Galway City. I know the west of ireland pretty well, and I have travelled the north, and I am familiar with a lot of irish customs! If you have any questions about Galway or Inishmore especially I'd be super glad to help! :) But general irish-related questions are welcomed too.

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