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28 years old • Male • Citizen of Portugal • Traveler

I have the most wonderful job in the world which is to travel the world! Come travel with me and I will show you the best of every city!
This is my life! I have one camera and the whole world waiting for me!
Join me in this adventure and I'll promise you that you will experience with me my amazing moments!

  • Hobbies:

    Traveling is my main hobbie, I wouldn't call it a hobbie, I would call it living and doing this makes me experience and discovering things that I love to do like skydiving, snorkeling, running, hiking, cycling and a bunch of other things but the biggest one is discovering! Discovering what is new and discovering the whole world including me!

  • Favourite places:

    My favorite places are those I never been, because those one are the ones that excite me more, the unexpected excites me, but from the places I have been I can say that Cote D'Azur, New York, Phuket and Sintra are in my top 10, that top 10 ranking of mine keeps changing as I keep discovering new things...

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