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About @planxty

64 years old • Male • Retired.

I am a man in retirement, I like to travel and, like many others here, I am a "refugee" from the wonderful Virtual Tourist website which Stephen Kaufer's corporate greed killed in February 2017.

I like to travel, or rather I did, but my enthusiasm has been completely removed by Kaufer's act of vandalism. I do hope I can get my old will to travel back or I shall probably just sit at home and drink myself to death.

I am composing this on the actual day they pull the plug on Virtual Tourist and to say I am at a very low ebb presently would be a massive understatement. Twelve years of extremely hard work atomised at the flick of a switch.

  • Hobbies:

    Travelling was my passion until my will to do so was removed as you can see in my "About me" post. Other than that, I play the guitar which gives me great pleasure and like to watch sport. I was a keen rugby player in my day but my day was many years ago!

    I do like to walk a lot and am a keen if very average amateur phtographer but, like the travelling, all desire to do either has been completely knocked out of me.

  • Favourite places:

    What a difficult question. In no particular order I would have to say Lao, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Burma (Myanmar), Canada, Scotland, Cyprus, Malta ,Philippines, the list just goes on.

    As the old saying goes, "I never met a place I didn't like yet" although I would say that the one place I never want to see again is Bangladesh. Awful place. I spent a mere 15 hours there some years ago and contracted dysentry!

Never trust the internet, especially Trip Advisor.


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In 2015 I spent three months in Sri Lanka with a bit of time spent in the Colombo area. I returned in 2016 and spent the majority of another three month trip on the outskirts of the city so I know a bit about the place.

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Sri Lanka

I have visited Sri Lanka several times and have spent about six months there in the last three years.

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Northern Ireland

I was born there and lived the first 28 years of my life in the Province. My remaining family all live there.

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Although I would never claim to be a Londoner, I have lived there now for 29 years and have a reasonable working knowledge of the place. My specific area of expertise is the "East End" where I have lived since moving here apart from an 18 month period in Soho in the heart of the West End whch I also know pretty well. I have a tolerably good idea of central, East and North London although I am not so good South of the river Thames.

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