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About @ragnhild

45 years old • Female • Citizen of Norway • Travelling hat maker

Always travelling around, been travelling for 9 years. I laugh and smile a lot and love camping. Also love doing things on impulse. I make hats and play flutes and wear colourful gypsie clothes. ooops, got pregnant and expecting first child in November 06. wheehee

  • Hobbies:

    Camping, hillwalking, getting drunk, meeting great interesting people who can talk about everything in life and laugh a lot. I Like big mountains and boats as well. ocean, sun, but not too much heat.

  • Favourite places:

    anywhere a wee bit away from the equator. Scotland is wonderful, Iceland, Norway, hilly places I LIKE! Yet to go to Chile in Dec 2004 and NZ in jan to mar 2005

Go on, just sell your house and GO!


France March 2006

28 Feb 2006


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31 Jan 2006


Austria February 2006

31 Jan 2006


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