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73 years old • Female

I travel all over the the world. I visited 4 continents. My favourite is Africa ! It is under my skin since my first visit.

Since 2004 I shared my travel reports and pictures at Virtualtourist. After Tripadvisor has decided to skip the website I hope as refugee to find a new home at Travellerspoint.

I am an agricultural engineer, landscape architect and town planner. I worked as townplanner, program manager in urban renewal and empowerment and managing director art and culture. In 2012 I retired.

  • Hobbies:

    travel, photography, culture, nature

  • Favourite places:

    In 1975 Morocco was the first country I visited at the African continent. I discovered another world and was excited. In 1980 Ghana was the first Subsaharean country I visited. And I fell in love with Africa.

    In 2004 one of my dreams came true, travelling for 3 months in this amazing continent and later in the same year making my first transsahara crossing.

    In the meantime I returned around 40 times to Africa and visited 36 African countries.

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