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Hi well im a young lad from Glasgow in the UK. Havent done alot of travelling due to my age but im 18 this year and wanna really start my travelling life. Maybe see some of Europe but havent planned yet. Going to the Canary islands this summer to get a taste of what its like.

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    Well as i sayed i havent done alot of travelling but im mad about it. I hate staying in the same place too long and always go with the flow. I like music and meeting new people.

  • Favourite places:

    My favourite place just now has to be the Canary islands. Been to most of them with the family and fell in love with the place. Fuerteventura is the best island with some of the nicest beaches in the world. Places which i wanna visit are - America,Italy,Spain,China,Australia.

God gave us legs to Travel !!!!!!!!!


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