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Rise Above it

  • Lives In: Glasgow, Scotland
  • Citizenship: Scotland
  • About shinkicker:

    I'm a middle-aged teenager who loves Heavy Rock. Got a good sense of humour, you need one in Glasgow. I've got ginger hair or auburn for the more pretentious. Creeping grey hairs too but in denial about that.
    Also partake of tasty European beers. God Save Belgium !!!!

    I enjoy good food but obviously not cooked by me. (I now refuse to enter chip shops or fast food outlets since my holiday in France and my 6-months work in Italy).

    Interested in sports, especially interested in gym, jogging and swimming, don't actually do it, but still very interested. Although I have recently done Tae Kwon Do training to stretch these old joints.

    I like writing articles on Hubpages at

  • Hobbies:

    I like the movies especially World Cinema and am a big fan of French films. As far as I'm concerned Hollywood died in the 1970's.

    I like to sketch when I have the patience, otherwise I just scribble incompetently for half an hour then tear up the paper in an infantile rage and pretend I'm a tortured artist.

    I also like to read when I can concentrate or sit still for more than five minutes. Books with pictures and large writing intended for the short-sighted help keep me awake as I need to turn the pages more often.

  • Favourite places:

    Scotland, France, Italy


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