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15 years old • Male • traveller

I propose we should reveal against the passports and visas of work, we should fill up refugees' zones for lack of documents. We are free, leave behind the fear that gives us, that us impose, that does not make sense, keep together in opposition to this system of green cards and earthly appropriation, call house not to the place where we are born, if not to the place where we live. In the last six years they have asked me if I am Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Argentine, UK, Uruguayan and some others, they asked me which is my land. My land is the land on that I tread. I propose: we should live in a country with many races, many cultures, many colors, that the diversity is our day after day; we should live in a world where all came with the same rights without importing the banality of the place of birth, we live in the planet not in countries .

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    talk with different people everyday, read, write, movies, NO TV...

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    I love every place i been in my life, but if i need to choose Outback (Australia), Cabo polonio (Uruguay).

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Off the road

17 Jul 2008 - 19 Oct 2010 • 78,845 kms

Australia Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Philippines China Hong Kong Macau India Nepal United Kingdom Spain Germany Czech Republic Austria Slovakia Hungary Bulgaria Turkey Kenya

My first year of traveling

03 Sep 2002 - 01 Sep 2003 • 26,969 kms

Uruguay Italy Spain France Belgium United Kingdom

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