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  • Vacanza Italiana - take two - - touring the big cities -
  • The TIMOT blog - - Tourist in my own town -
  • Shinkansen and Bento - Japan 2013 - - lost in translation -
  • Italian Adventure, Part 3 - - it's a family affair -
  • Parisian Holiday 2015 - - celebrating the New Year in style -
  • Paris-Portugal Holiday 2016 - After much delay, and much procrastination about WHERE to travel with our Air France credits, we finally settled on Portugal, with a brief stopover in Paris for Christmas. What a cool way to spend the holidays!
  • Solo San Francisco 2015 - I needed a break. I had a week off. Mario suggested I go somewhere, so I did.
  • Gallivanting about Guadeloupe 2017 - ..
  • Return to SFO 2016 - ..
  • Toes in the sand - Akumal 2009 - Not ones to stay in one place too long, Mario and I are off again. This year, we try our hand at an all-inclusive resort for a week, in the Mayan Riviera. We'll have plenty of time to relax, and be within a reasonable distance to Mayan ruins, so we can get away, if we want. I can't sit on a beach for 7 days straight, can you?
  • Down under, mate! - Australia 2010 - Landing in Australia on Christmas morning, what could be more fun than that? Maybe experiencing the fireworks over Sydney Harbour on New Year's Eve? Spending the night under the stars in the shadow of Ayer's rock? Maybe snorkeling among the sea life of the Great Barrier Reef? We're going to experience it all!
  • The Marrakesh Express - Morocco 2011 - A one week blitz through the markets of Marrakesh, with a few extras along the way!
  • La Dolce Vita - Italy 2011 - - the stars aligned -
  • Cross-Canada Camping 2002 - The story of a warm summer, a couple in love, a dirty old car and a great nation beloved by all who behold its wonders. After a great deal of web browsing, researching and detail-planning, our roadtrip across western Canada finally becomes a reality. Follow us as we travel to the great cities and provinces of this country of ours, searching for the beautiful and absurb, tasty foods and world's largest things.
  • Flirting with Pharaohs - Egypt 2008 - The plane tickets were bought in May. Planning commenced the very next day. Although slightly sidetrack by the renovations of a new home, Mario and Cathy are once again headed out in the world, this time to Egypt, by way of a stopover in Amsterdam. Follow along as they battle with pushy seller in the markets, get spit on by camels, lose themselves in the desert, and record every entertaining moment of it! Look out pyramids, because Egypt, here we come!
  • Gallavanting about - London 1997 - Class trip to London, or, for the first time ever, letting the children loose on the world! In an attempt to teach about history and culture, a Montreal-based school send 12 of its own across the pond to London. What ensues is a delightful week of museum visits, sight seeing, theatre and all-round fun! Follow the learning and antics on my first BIG trip abroad!
  • Escape to Florida 2005 - Once again, Cathy and Mario cram themselves and (almost) all their earthly possessions into their car and take to the roads. (We left the cat at home) In search of adventure and hoping to escape the cold Canadian winter at the same time, I convinced Mario that he needed to visit Disney World with me. He convinced me we should go see some space ships. So we made a trip out of it, and got a tan at the same time!
  • Thailand 2007 - relaxing with elephants
  • Escape to New York 2017 - taking a big bite out of the Big Apple

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Escape to New York 2017 (1071 kms)

13 Jul 2017 - 16 Jul 2017

Visiting: Canada and USA.

Gallivanting about Guadeloupe 2017 (7280 kms)

08 Jan 2017 - 22 Jan 2017

Visiting: Canada and Guadeloupe.

Return to SFO 2016 (8371 kms)

06 Sep 2016 - 13 Sep 2016

Visiting: Canada and USA.

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