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40 years old • Male • Well travelling usually - back toppin up

Computer loving traveller. Anything computery to do with networking, throw it at me and i'll give it a go.

  • Hobbies:

    travelling, mountain climbing, tinkering with PC's, swimming, rock climbing in the Grampians/Oz. Class!

  • Favourite places:

    All the places in my lifetime so far!

    Europe - Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Norway, Germany, Spain, France, Andorra, Lichenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Isle of Man, Austria, Belgium.

    Asia - Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore

    Australasia - Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Fiji Islands

    South America - Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil

    North America - Canada

  • Elsewhere: http://picasaweb.google.com/ejsmyth
travel! yes all the time


Canada March 2005

28 Feb 2005


Norway September 2004

31 Aug 2004


Round the World 06/07

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