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40 years old • Female • Uni student

I have a bit of a borderline personality, NOT DISORDER. Sometimes i prefer solitude like when am reading, thinking and esp when i have no $ to socialize lol.Otherwise, am a pretty sociable person and enjoy good sense of humor. I like to try new things and I see life as a choice of high/higher risk. :)

  • Hobbies:

    I love swimming, used to be a trained swimmer when I was a junior. Great novels, movies, music and TRAVEL (whenever i got the cash) are stuff i like to read see/listen/do.

  • Favourite places:

    Paris, Switzerland, Florence, Miami, NYC, Singapore, and Hong Kong my hometown (pollution excluded). :P

Try to see things or people through the lens of a baby everyday


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Hong Kong

I've lived in Hong Kong all my life, that's 20 years! :) and I can help you with questions about cheap deals in accomodation, cultural events happening in town and most tourist spots in Hong Kong. Drop me a line!

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