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Happiness is an attitued

  • Full Name: Sofia Svärd ( 24 / Female )
  • Citizenship: Sweden
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Occupation: Living
  • About sofiasvard:

    Made this with my best friends to tell people about Sweden, my travels and to tell this Chinese person that we're not all named Yohanness, and by the way it's Johannes.

    Three things random people have described me as:
    1. Stubborn.
    2. Storage for weird information.
    3. Likely to change subject quite often.

  • Hobbies:

    I love traveling and making new friends. To be in a new place and taking in the smells, as one Eleanor Lavish would say.
    Also I find learning new languages and making music very intriguing.
    At the moment I speak Swedish and English fluently. Quite good Italian, some French and practically no Spanish at all.

  • Favourite places:

    The world. It's hard to choose one place to love when so many are available.
    As I grow old, I want to own an old farmhouse in the Italian mountains, The Dolomites. Where the sun shines with a certain glow and the village wakes you up in the morning with sounds from a market. Even though I've never been to that part of Italy, that is my favorite place, in my dreams, in the world.

    Oh, and then there's Dublin.


Trip Stats

Hungary and Austria -13 (3477 kms)

01 Jul 2013 - 18 Jul 2013

Visiting: Sweden, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Denmark.

France and England -13 (3601 kms)

21 Apr 2013 - 02 May 2013

Visiting: Sweden, Belgium, France and United Kingdom.

England -13 (2899 kms)

02 Feb 2013 - 07 Feb 2013

Visiting: Sweden and United Kingdom.

Travel Help


I live 2 hours away from Gothenburg, and have lived here all my life. The town I live in is called Mariestad and is quite a small town. Therefore, I know mostly things about living in a Swedish small town. But since Internet is available I will try to help out with everything that I possibly can so feel free to ask! And if you didn't know, Sweden's got the best candy in the world!

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